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Full of energy I like dancing to the oldies or country music, walking on the beach & boardwalk,traveling, roller coasters, horseback riding, dining in or out, I will let them have there way.

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About me

Body Type:I'm modest about my physique
Zodiac/Occupation:I'm a Capricorn, Cnc set up
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    Hey! Would you be up for renting a flick, + Cuddling?

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    we are a very sensual loving couple looking to find the right woman with the right chemistry for some d/d free nsa fun 9, United States and satirized the excesses of city.

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    I'm semi attractive

    Hi how are you today are you single? What kind of rrelationship are you looking for?

    I look forward from hearing from you and if you or anyone met at retreat send him my way (white cap I know there were a lot of men wearing white hats) he had a black sweater and hot jeans handsome man funny too! I'm sure he's taken but taking achance

    Just wondering where the curvy women of ypsilanti are. Inspiration, Tony. Resorts to Christmas have garnered over 30 years.

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    I�m a self-confident individual who love to enjoy life. I�m honest, direct, and trustworthy. I�m a humorous female who loves to make people laugh; have a love for family and self. I love to exercise (sit-ups & running junkie), but love good food as well. I�m a writer, businessman, and discoverer (discovered the formula to Our Existence topping Einstein). money and fame is unimportant to me, but understand their importance. I had failed in several personal relationships including my marriage because of the lack of focus in Communication, Listening, Commitment, Trust, Honesty, and Responsibility; replacing them instead with Self-Indulgent, Ego, Selfishness, and �It�s All About Me� Attitudes. this is NOT to say that I will tolerate or be passive about anything�I am not a submissive person; I�m assertive and have a strong opinion on issues, but I have learned that MY views are not always the BEST ones. Happiness is a top priority for me; I will NEVER sacrifice such a beautiful virtue again, or deprive another woman from having it. i don�t like to play mental and emotional games because there always have to be a winner and a loser, and nothing positive ever come from it. Friendship is very important to me:-) first off, I wouldn�t be looking for a partner, but a friend. I believe that friendship tops any other relationship two people could have; if you and a woman learn to be great friends, then husband & wife is a breeze. But your values and meaning of friendship must be of the highest of integrity. In saying that, my friend must be self-confident, independent, believe in womanhood, have a direction and focus in what she wants to do (not saying that she can�t be indecisive; after all, it�s a woman prerogative:-), and have a love for self. she must have a zest for life, and want to be the best she could be in all aspect of it. She must embrace health; exercising her body and understanding the importance of healthy eating, but still can wolf-down a greasy cheeseburger now and then. She must have sex appeal, but knowing the difference in dressing sensual and tacky. She must have a sense of humor and not be afraid of looking or being silly at times. of course, she must come with a brain and a logical one at that; she doesn�t have to be a smarty or even close to it, but she does have to have the ability to carry on an intelligent social conversation. Most all, she have to have an opinion and can�t be a push-over. i like to add, that I understand that it isn�t easy for women to find a good, reliable, trusting relationship; after all, they outnumber men around 8 to 1; men know this and take advantage with these statistics; plus add men attitude and nature of �how many can I bang this week,� leaves the woman at even more of a disadvantage. In my humble opinion and experience, if you base your relationship on sex, money, or material gain, and don�t focus on the hard work (communication, give-n-take, commitments, etc.) that it takes for it success, then you will only have yourself to blame when you keep falling short time after time again. although I�m not looking to get married or get into a serious relationship at this point because of other priorities, but I am a type of female who would make a good associate or friend. I never close the door on any possibilities because you never know what may happen in life. I have been married and have a beautiful daughter, so I understand that arena�I should because I destroyed it. It took me awhile but I�m beginning to understand the women culture pretty well and what it takes to get along with them, and that is one of the things I love about myself�I understand how beautiful she really is:-) did I Mention, That I'm A Very Giving Person?

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    I have in the past posted ads and the minute I do not find a connection I am flagged how sweet winks !! I am % Italian with Womanly attributes yes not tiny, has Very thick long hair with a smile, I attract alot just the wrong men just honest .

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    Toned, I keep fit

    Hi looking for white ladies 30 to 50 years old

    You turn 21 in November and you live about a 5 minute walk from campus.

    To take care, to allow to grow means beauty forever.
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